k a l e . c a e s a r . s a l a d

this kale caesar salad will knock your socks off.
(it’s okay if you use pecans instead of hazelnuts, and if you can’t find celeriac. it’s also okay if you sub greek yogurt for mayo.)
the dressing is tangy, the croutons are crunchy, and the eggs offer a subtle sweetness.
the croutons are even better if you use day-old, homemade bread.

why it’s good for you:
kale: is strongly anti-inflammatory and packed with manganese & vitamins a, c, and k
parmesan: is loaded with calcium, protein, and phosphorous
greek yogurt: is a healthy source of protein and calcium
lemon: enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron (from the kale)
eggs: provide dietary fat, which helps the body absorb nutrients


// l e a v e . a . r e p l y //

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