Cottage Cooking Club: May 2014

Cottage Cooking Club: recipes from River Cottage Veg

//S T I R / F R I E D / S E S A M E / C A U L I F L O W E R//

I hated cauliflower growing up. I have distinct memories of sitting at my friends’ dinner tables, insisting I was allergic so that I wouldn’t have to eat it.

I’m glad I’ve gotten over that phase, because cauliflower is having a big moment. I love it in Oh She Glows’ vegan Alfredo, and Hugh’s stir-fried sesame cauliflower is now one of my proudest dishes. I made a few tweaks to the original recipe, sauteing the onions in coconut oil instead of sunflower, omitting the green chiles and adding snap peas for color and crunch. The final result was sweet and toasty with a variety of textures: smooth onions, crunchy peas, and tender cauliflower florets you could sink your teeth into. I paired mine with brown Basmati rice to add another flavor dimension and bulk up the meal.

//A S P A R A G U S / P I Z Z A//

Despite also not liking asparagus as a kid, I keep a lookout for the first asparagus crop each spring with grand plans of pan steaming thin spears in olive oil and butter until just tender. Since finding my favorite cooking method, I haven’t been very adventurous with asparagus. This recipe wasn’t my favorite – I didn’t enjoy trying to cut through the spears to eat my pizza – but it gave me plenty of ideas for future recipes. We did add sauteed mushrooms and onions to the pizza which offered a nice earthy contrast to the milky cheese. We even tried our hand at the gluten-free cauliflower crust that’s been making it’s way around the blogosphere, although it wasn’t thin enough and ended up being a little crumbly and soft. Next time, I’ll try Hugh’s magic bread dough as a base, chop the asparagus into bite sized pieces, add more vegetables, and tack on some brie. Is it dinner yet?

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//R A D I S H E S / W I T H / B U T T E R / A N D / S A L T//

This was my least favorite dish of the bunch. I didn’t dig the idea of putting straight butter on a vegetable, and I prefer to eat my radishes sliced instead of whole. Though the radishes were crisp and peppery, the slickness from the butter turned me off to this recipe.

photo 2




  1. Nice choices! My childhood aversion was mushrooms, but I’ve (mostly) gotten over that. I enjoy sliced radishes, too, but like to put a tiny dab of salted butter on each slice.

  2. Glad that you could join the CCC – you chose three nice recipes – the Radishes with Butter are very traditional European fare, we like them that way but I certainly agree with you on the Stir-fry Cauliflower – the Asparagus Pizza was a huge hit at our house and I was pleased that I could find local green Asparagus for it.Everything you prepared looks quite wonderful!
    Nice to have you join the CCC!

  3. I like that you made your pizza rectangular in shape. The addition of mushrooms sound really good! The pizza was the favorite of my choices. The stir-fry cauliflower was really good too. Beautiful photos as always. 🙂

  4. I’m so disappointed in myself for not making the cauliflower! Yours looks delicious, so it’s something I am planning on trying as soon as I can. I haven’t tried the cauliflower pizza crust either – but I did like the pizza. I did the radish too – but just for tun, I’m not a radish fan. All of that said, I thought this was so very much fun. Hope you did too!! Everything looks terrific.

  5. You made the exact three recipes that I made for this first month. I don’t really count the radishes as a “real” choice because it didn’t require much effort. Like you, I’m not wild about butter and radishes but the French use this as a very chi-chi before-dinner offering. Go figure. I did love the asparagus pizza, however. It’s also very difficult for cauliflower to offend me in any way. I love the stuff. But, I really liked the flavor of this stir-fry version. I don’t think you had a bumpy beginning at all. Your post is wonderful.

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